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here and at the same time

here and at the same time is an experiment in epistolary installation. survey flags, collages, videos, pancake recipes, printed fabric, and soap poems have been sent to over 30 hosts who have installed the work in their homes, gardens, workplaces, and studios. videos of these sites are beamed back into a physical installation in the drewelowe gallery and collaged together on the web. neither here nor there, we meet in the muddy middle.

gallery show: eve drewelowe gallery, university of iowa

remote installations: usa: co, fl, ia, il, mn, mt, ny, pa, ri, ut, vt, wa, wi. int: georgia

Gallery Exhibition

Installation Sites

index of sites

1. proposed excavation site
    Liliana Coelho
    Blue Mounds, WI

2. proposed excavation site
    Katherine Gibbel
    Windsor, VT

3. tiny gallery
    Jessica Dzielinski
    Iowa City, IA

4. 3x5
    Carmen Ribaudo
    Pawtucket, RI

5. soap poem
    Lindsey Webb
    Salt Lake City, UT

6. soap poem
    Taylor Hansen
    Cedar Falls, IA

7. sheer image
    Stacey Lee Gee
    Chicago, IL

8. sheer image
    Alex Gabriel
    Paonia, CO

9. sheer image
    Peter Miller & Valerie Marcus
    New York, NY

10. sheer image
    Nora Claire Miller
    Iowa City, IA

11. clothesline anagram
    Evelyn Langley
    Philadelphia, PA

12. pancake text
    Sean Tyler
    Iowa City, IA

13. pancake text
    Andrea Ferrigno
    Galesburg, IL

14. pancake text
    Anna Miller
    New York, NY

15. pancake text
  Sarah Hombach
    Brooklyn, NY

16. measuring out a distance
   Nina Kintsurashvili
   Tbilisi, Georgia

17. a yearday ziplocked
    Mary DiPrete
    Galesburg, IL

18. my room/your room
    Lorelei d’Andriole
    Iowa City, IA

19. screen poem
    Shannon Reilly
    Buffalo, NY

20. screen poem
    Katie Naughton
    Buffalo, NY

21. air glass air
    Bre Ward
    Dixon, MT

22. four long march
    Natalia Reyes
    Philadelphia, PA

23. nora knitting
    Riley Kleve
    Minneapolis, MN

24. pool poem
    Tom, Jenny, & Kurt Clare
    Mt. Dora, FL

25. accordion poems
    Lex Letourneau
    Iowa City, IA

26. sheer image
    Allie Tokarski 
    Iowa CIty, IA

27. proposed excavation site
    Sara Luz Jensen
    Iowa City, IA

28. proposed excavation site 
    Lee Davignon
    Maple Valley, WA

29. sheer image
    Lachlan Hinwood
    Iowa City, IA

30. sheer image
    Alyssa Kennamer
    St. Ignatius, MT

31. sheer image
    Alyssa Moore
    Chicago, IL